Is Windows Desktop dead?

Read on Start: The Windows 8 Era Begins:

“The profound bit here, I think, is that Windows 8 isn’t Windows 7 plus Metro. No, Windows 8 is a new mobile platform, Metro, that also happens to run the old Windows desktop and all its legacy applications. That is, Windows 8 isn’t Metro and the desktop running side by side, it’s Metro with the desktop as a potentially temporary add-on, something that’s there for all the obvious compatibility reasons,”…

“Should the new stuff—Metro—take off, you can expect Microsoft to drop the desktop like it’s suffering from leprosy.”

“This is a hard pill for some people to swallow, and I know that what you’re about to read will not be popular in certain circles, but please take this with the understanding that I’ve written it as a diehard, confirmed desktop PC user. The desktop must die. And it must take all of the bad stuff that comes along with the good—the malware and viruses, sure, but also the complexities, reliability issues, and so on—with it.”

I think it’s deadly true and it can explain why Metro have been renamed Windows 8.

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