Windows Phone 8 Sensors Overview Plus Code | Matthias Shapiro

Lots of interesting stuff:

  • Create a Map UI
  • Find a location using the Location API (and display it on a map)
  • Update that location
  • Collect location information through map interactions
  • Create a Route with a list of geocoordinates
  • Download maps for offline use
  • Simple Speech-to-Text implementation
  • Simple Text-to-Speech implementation
  • Find all the Speech Voices and Speech Recognizers available on your phone (multiple language support)

Windows Phone 8 Sensors Overview Plus Code | Matthias Shapiro.

Google traceur-compiler – Googles vehicle for Javascript Language Design Experimentation

Traceur compiler is a compiler for javascript with expension. It’s a way to experiment around some interesting ECMAscript Harmony proposals. This proposals are not going to disturb C# programers at all (class, yield, await, block scoped bindings, default parameters, params).

LanguageFeatures – traceur-compiler – Traceur Language Features – Googles vehicle for Javascript Language Design Experimentation – Google Project Hosting.

Remark: yield syntax should be taken into account by C# when dealing with yielding Iterators (yield*). This have already been exercice by Matthieu Mezil with Roselyn in C# compiler improvements.