Scripting C# using Roslyn and with automated installation of dependencies (for now using nuget package but expandable): scriptcs.

More details can be found here and a list of available pack here (Script Packs master list). I don’t understand difference between a pack and a nugetpack. Second one can also be used with a simple:

nuget install nuget_name -o Packages

but a scriptcs -restore is needed to copy binaries to bin directory.

Moving a type from one assembly to another using TypeForwardedToAttribute/TypeForwardedFromAttribute

How to move a type from source assembly to a target one: Moving a type from one assembly to another using TypeForwardedToAttribute – Dave’s Box.

But a recompilation and addind new reference are needed. TypeForwardedToAttribute (added in .Net 2.0) is only a syntaxic sugar but TypeForwardedFrom (added in .Net 4.0 bur should have been added in 2.0) doesn’t break serialization compatibility.