Performance analysis of Asm.js/Emscripten vs native code

An interesting analysis of performances of Asm.js generated by Emscripten versus C native code.

Pros: Asm.js can be really fast on optimized browser (currenltly only Firefox 22).

Cons: Emscripten produce big Asm.js program file, this program consume lot of memory and can be much more slower than there javascript equivalent on non optimized browser (every browsere except Firefox 22)

I’ve made my personnal very small test using The Lua VM, on the Web (higher is better):

  • Firefox 22: 430
  • IE 10: 133
  • Chrome 28: 128

Even if Mozilla have made a great job on its Firefox 22 Asm.js optimizations, Asm.js future depends on its ability to convince either IE or Chrome to join their forces in Asm.js direction.

More details here: Surprise! Mozilla can produce near-native performance on the Web | Ars Technica.

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