Office 2013 Wikipedia Application is on GitHub

MS OpenTech provides us a Word/Excel 2103 application to integrate Wikipedia search into an Office pane. More important for Offcce developpers, this application is on GitHub as a real case sample: Office Wikipedia Application is on GitHub.

EDITED: a small video with some details on app code.


Lots of helper extensions to format BCL types to more readable strings (and reverse).

Just like any other library, I have concrete cases of use of some extensions and some others seems useless. I dream of possibility to choose which subsetI take from a nuget library. Splitting in multiple parts is boring to use. This must be mitigated by the fact that binary is small: 76 Ko plus localisations assemblies.

Humanizer includes an evolution of the excellent ByteSize.

Humanizer by MehdiK.

New to Windows 8.1 Update: Using network loopback in side-loaded Windows Store apps (Windows)

Detailed samples on  the now (since Windows 8.1 Update) possible communication between Windows Store client connected to a local server hosted in local Desktop application.

It only works for side loaded applications. If you don’t know everything about this kind of app, all you need to know is available on technet here.

Using network loopback in side-loaded Windows Store apps (Windows).

EDIT: This is now simplified by project templates: Brokered WinRT component project templates now available.

EDIT: And now how to distribute C++ Runtime for Sideloaded Windows 8.1 apps (when C++ runtime cannot be provided by Windows 8 Store).

Atom a sign of GUI’s futur and a powerfull editor


“Atom is a specialized variant of Chromium designed to be a text editor rather than a web browser. Every Atom window is essentially a locally-rendered web page.

All the APIs available to a typical Node.js application are also available to the code running in each window’s JavaScript context. This hybrid provides a really unique client-side development experience.”

Html5 flexibility binded to mative: it’s here Atom with module here