Visual Studio Code, .Net Core and UI library

I’ve just checked Visual Studio Code on Windows and Mac. Great application with great responsive UI. On Windows, UI is made with Chromium (chromiumcontent.dll). I will check on Mac too.

One can wonder why Chromium is used instead of Spartan’s EdgeHtml. We can suppose it’s a matter of time but we can also argue that Chromium is cross platform, permitting code simplification. This leads us to the following question: can EdgeHtml be a viable alternative if not available at least on Mac Osx and Linux? And if EdgeHtml escapes from Windows to reach other platforms, it could be a excellent UI library candidate for .Net Core, perhaps better than a Xaml port.

When Microsoft uses HtmlEdge for the name of it’s next html renderer, I immediately hope to see a link with the excellent Edge.js: a good CLR implementation, a good html renderer and a good binding between .Net and javascript available on Windows, Mac and Linux. A dream…

Introducing Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2015 RC, Application Insights Public Preview and .NET Core Preview for Linux and Mac – Somasegar’s blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs.

One thought on “Visual Studio Code, .Net Core and UI library

  1. Did you know that Code is based on Electron? That is why it is based on chromium. They could have rebuilt the wheel once more, but I think this time they actually made a smarter decision.

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