JsRT API (JavaScript Runtime Hosting) and Windows 10/Edge

JsRT API have been improved for Windows 10/Edge (JavaScript Runtime Hosting).

Based on this new capabilities, Microsoft has started a port of node.js from V8 engine to Chakra engine (Bringing Node.js to Windows 10 IoT Core). For experimental purpose, this port use Chakra Shim, a bridge between node and chakra exporting V8 API  (chakrashim/include/v8.h) but ultimate goal is to provide a neutral javascript engine interface that can be implemented by any engine.

There is also some preliminary samples on how to integrate either chakra or node with chakra into Win32 or UWP Apps: Using Chakra for Scripting Applications across Windows 10.



XAML compiled binding

A very interesting new kind of binding available for new Windows 10 apps. The idea is simple: rather than rely on dynamic reflexion to discover at runtime time dependency properties of INCC/INPC instances is strongly typed cases, compiler can generate plumbing code under the hood. It’s not a complete replacement of old dynamic Binding but a practical solution.

We have also a notion of phase (usable only in DataTemplate) to provide costly content in a delayed way.

This podcast is a must: Data Binding: Boost Your Apps’ Performance Through New Enhancements to XAML Data Binding | Build 2015 | Channel 9.