Segoe MDL2

Windows 10 comes with a new icon set as font: Segoe MDL2 (which stand for Microsoft Design Language 2). It’s a True Type Font available in Windows 10 but I don’t know if we can redistribute it into a Desktop Win32 apps.

Beside accessible in charmap.exe, we can explore this icons here: Segoe MDL2 Assets – Cheatsheet (much bigger and usable tha charmap).

There is also mdl2 helpers as nuget packages for xaml and cs use (Introducing MDL2 Helpers and ScottIsAFool/Mdl2Tool). Instead of using code, you can use typed accessor in cs

MyBusIcon = Mdl2.Bus;

or name is xaml:

<TextBlock FontFamily="Segoe MDL2 Assets"
Text="{StaticResource Bus}"/>