Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper

Easy to use wrapper arround Task Scheduler: Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper – Home (samples here). You can create, delete, modify, list tasks on local machine or remote one.

Tasks are made of:

a trigger:

  • BootTrigger,
  • IdleTrigger,
  • LogonTrigger (can include a specific user by name or SID),
  • RegistrationTrigger (auto trigger after self regsitration),
  • SessionStateChangeTrigger (“connecting or disconnecting locally or remotely, or locking or unlocking the session”)
  • and every time specific triggers.

an action:

  • ExecAction,
  • EmailAction,
  • ShowMessageAction,
  • ComHandlerAction (“It allows the task to execute and In-Proc COM server object that implements the ITaskHandler interface”).


The Bait and Switch PCL Trick

Source: The Bait and Switch PCL Trick

I was sure I’ve already blog about it but, apparently, it’s not the case. This post is about a trick to use PCL: you provides a fake implementation in PCL and real implementations, using platform dependent code, for each supported platforms. Then you combine all this implementations in one nuget package.

Doing this way, this nuget package is usable in PCL but fake implementation will never be used. This trick is based on the fact that final application is never PCL and that nuget rules will provides the more specific variant.


CalcBinding: what WPF binding should have been

I was searching SO for just invert boolean property in Binding. Converter solution often seems overwhelming.

CalcBinding project provides calculated binding based on DynamicExpresso library (blogged here).

This remind me an old promising project: pybinding (already blogged here in 2011). But pybinding was heavyly based on ironPython. A must in term of possibilities but linked to a dead project.