At least a copy to Clipboard without Flash for the Web

A copy to Cliboard library using Selection API to select text and execCommand to interact with Clipborad (only available with Chrome 42+, Edge 12+, Firefox 41+, IE 9+, Opera 29+ and Safari 10+). On unsupported browser, a message can conduct user to use standard system shortcut on an already selected text (nice failover).

clipboard.js — Copy to clipboard without Flash

This repo is building the .NET Standard

.NET Standard, the futur of .Net is here: dotnet/standard. I have great expectation of what should have be part of .Net core from the begining.

Everything happens just like when .Net 1.0 was released. A non finished version quickly followed by a short term 1.1 (mainly bug fix). Then there were many blunders around a 1.2 version, before it was abandoned in favor of a much better designed 2.0. And this 2.0 version was so succesfull that each version up to 4.6.2 have been on top. But certain inconsistencies remained (for example, BCL did not make complete transition to generics).

Let that be a lesson. A great foundation is better than compatibility to a (very?) small codebase.

A GLOB implementation in c#

I was searching for a validated GLOB implementation. My first try was in IronRuby and in PowerShell, but glob extraction seams complexe. I’ve finally found a simple to integrate and simple to test implementation: Glob.cs/Glob.cs at master · mganss/Glob.cs.

We also have Wyam’s implementation based on more simpler reliak/Reliak.FileSystemGlobbingExtensions. Both shared extended syntax:

  • brace *.{jpg,png},
  • and exclusions starting with !

And also Microsoft.Extensions.FileSystemGlobbing (poorly documented but usefull !).