WpfMaterialForms – Schema generated material dialogs in WPF

Bored of creating dialog layout for simple data entry? WpfMaterialForms can generate them from a simple DOM called Schema:

  • CaptionSchema for setting caption,
  • MultiSchema for multiple schema,
  • StringSchema for string value in an editbox ,
  • BooleanSchema for … boolean value through a switch,
  • IntegerSchema for int value,
  • DateSchema, TimeSchema for what is obvious,
  • NumberRangeSchema for int value through a slider,
  • CommandSchema for command handling (button click for example),
  • ProgressSchema for handling progression (including multistep),
  • SelectionSchema for selecting into a combobox,
  • SelectionSchema for selecting a file through an OpenFileDialog.

Each Schema contains key (internal id), name, description, icon reference/visibility and validation/error mechanism and is in charge of creating its view (Schema acts as DataContext for this UserControl).

Default view exhibits a clear designe based on WPF/MahApps and MaterialDesignThemes.

Source: EdonGashi/WpfMaterialForms: Schema generated material dialogs in WPF

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