ASP.NET core JavaScriptServices

When .Net core meets nodejs and server side pre rendering: Microsoft ASP.NET Core JavaScript Services

Start a new project with:

npm install -g yo generator-aspnetcore-spa

More details here: Using ASP.NET Core Javascript Services to Play Nice with Client-side Frameworks or A Real-World React.js Setup for ASP.NET Core and MVC5.

Visual Studio 2017 extension for .editorconfig file

VS2017 provides a minimal support for .editorconfig. This extension provides everything else: options in Tools>Options and modern editing (syntax coloring,  intellisense and code reformatting).

EditorConfig Language Service – Visual Studio Marketplace

VS 2017 support is provided by Roslyn wich add new Code Style Options.

A plugin can add .editorconfiug to older VS: editorconfig/editorconfig-visualstudio.

Ammy, a better syntax than XAML with more

EDIT: Houra, “Absolutely free for everyone!“. A very good new! And now with support of Xamarin, WPF and UWP.

In a first approach, Ammy could be just a better json based syntax for xaml. And there is more:

  • global and local variables
$fontColor = "#363636"

 can be reused:

TextBlock {
  Foreground: $fontColor
  • Aliases can be seen as a function returning a node:
alias Header(text) {
  TextBlock {
    FontSize: 18
    Text: $text

can be easily used :

StackPanel {
  @Header("First chapter") {
  • and mixins can be seen as function providing a set of properties:
mixin SeeThrough(opacity=0.5) for UIElement {
  Opacity: $opacity
Button {

or sub node(s):

mixin DefaultItem() for ComboBox {
  ComboBoxItem {
    "Select quantity"
ComboBox {


mixin TwoRows(height1, height2) for Grid {
  RowDefinitions: [
    RowDefinition { Height: $height1 }
    RowDefinition { Height: $height2 }
Grid {
  #TwoRows(25, "*")

and are composable.

UWP is said to be coming soon but what about Xamarin forms?

This is all well and good except a big drawback: it’s not free, should be paid monthly and is extremely expensive ($299 per month for commercial project made by more than a single developer). So it’s unusable. I’m not going to invest my time to learn a new graphical language if I’m sure to be able to use it anywhere! What a pity!

Even without a VS designer, such a refresh could be extremely useful but this should be a community effort and not a commercial one to be successful.