Azure App Configuration and dynamic reloading

Azure App Configuration (still in preview) is a very simple way of uploading appsettings.json to azure. Add nuget Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.AzureAppConfiguration and a call to extension method AddAzureAppConfiguration. Then only a single connection string is required to acces it (bbest practice is to set it into environment variable).

Pretty cool with a better granularity than key vault (granularity at file level instead of entry level).

A Watch method is available to implement 30 seconds reload on specifics parts. A better option should have been to use a WebHook called on each changes (perhaps an incoming evolution).

ASP.NET Blog | Configuring a Server-side Blazor app with Azure App Configuration

google/robotstxt: Google’s robots.txt parser and matcher

A C++ 11 library for each major platform usefull to provide standard (slightly modified … production code used by Googlebot, Google’s crawler).

Simple to use: function named ParseRobotsTxt takes robots.txt content and a class derived from RobotsParseHandler (used as interface with several pure virtual method to implement).

google/robotstxt: The repository contains Google’s robots.txt parser and matcher as a C++ library (compliant to C++11).