protobuf-net: on the road to break size limits and much more

On the road to breaking size limits, the futur of protobuf-net could be using Utf8String, Span<T>,ValueTask<T> when usefull and “Channels” (from corefxlab): Code, code and more code.: protobuf-net: large data, and the future

Using .NET HttpClient to capture partial Responses

Some tricks to control how many bytes are read from TCP/IP or how to read only 1000 bytes:

Using .NET HttpClient to capture partial Responses – Rick Strahl’s Web Log.

This post discusses relations between low level TCP/IP buffering and HttpCompletionOption.ResponseHeadersRead, request.AllowReadStreamBuffering/AllowWriteStreamBuffering, using TcpClient directly and range (httpclient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Range = new RangeHeaderValue(0, size);)