How to implement a formatter in Asp.Net Core

How to handle raw data in request body either manually or by registering a custom InputFormatter: Accepting Raw Request Body Content in ASP.NET Core API Controllers – Rick Strahl’s Web Log.

One big issue with automatic conversion between content body and an action parameter is how to handle too big content (in case of DOS for example). Reading any content body into a byte array could be very dangerous for server health in case of a large body.  This also prevents an always preferable handling using the streamed way.


Pre-compressed static files in self host Asp.Net Core

When using StaticFileMiddleware and ResponseCompressionMiddleware, each file is read from slow disk uncompressed and then dynamically compressed (consuming CPU each time). It’s clearly ineffective in terms of CPU, disk and time.

A better approach is to pre compress some files on disk, mark them as already compressed using some kind of metadata and return them as is if compression is accepted or decompressed them dynamically.

This library provides a middelware to do it: AnderssonPeter/CompressedStaticFiles: middelware for Kestrel to serve precompressed static files.

It started with Use pre-gzipped content files? GitHub #1584.


EDIT: Also found a non core implementation. More limited but (gz only) but usefull: (it’s a StaticFilesMiddleware replacement).