Azure App Configuration and dynamic reloading

Azure App Configuration (still in preview) is a very simple way of uploading appsettings.json to azure. Add nuget Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.AzureAppConfiguration and a call to extension method AddAzureAppConfiguration. Then only a single connection string is required to acces it (bbest practice is to set it into environment variable).

Pretty cool with a better granularity than key vault (granularity at file level instead of entry level).

A Watch method is available to implement 30 seconds reload on specifics parts. A better option should have been to use a WebHook called on each changes (perhaps an incoming evolution).

ASP.NET Blog | Configuring a Server-side Blazor app with Azure App Configuration

This repo is building the .NET Standard

.NET Standard, the futur of .Net is here: dotnet/standard. I have great expectation of what should have be part of .Net core from the begining.

Everything happens just like when .Net 1.0 was released. A non finished version quickly followed by a short term 1.1 (mainly bug fix). Then there were many blunders around a 1.2 version, before it was abandoned in favor of a much better designed 2.0. And this 2.0 version was so succesfull that each version up to 4.6.2 have been on top. But certain inconsistencies remained (for example, BCL did not make complete transition to generics).

Let that be a lesson. A great foundation is better than compatibility to a (very?) small codebase.