Lots of helper extensions to format BCL types to more readable strings (and reverse).

Just like any other library, I have concrete cases of use of some extensions and some others seems useless. I dream of possibility to choose which subsetI take from a nuget library. Splitting in multiple parts is boring to use. This must be mitigated by the fact that binary is small: 76 Ko plus localisations assemblies.

Humanizer includes an evolution of the excellent ByteSize.

Humanizer by MehdiK.

Refit: Type-safe REST client

Refit: Type-safe REST client for:

  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.Mac
  • Desktop .NET 4.5
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Silverlight 5

and also packaged as PCL (obviously :)). This library use Castle.DynamicProxy to generate proxy implementation from attributed interface and is Task/IObservable aware from the start.

Even if it’s an elegant way of avoid a lot of plumbing code, it’s double-edged. We must be sure to have all the possibilities included and some are always missing:

  • Multipart requests
  • Form posts

Next platform wil be Xamarin.iOS and Windows Store (WinRT).

See paulcbetts/refit.

How to attract developers: Resources for other platform developers

At last a really case introduction to help every developers (iOS, Android, web but also Windows Phone and WPF/silverlight) to start on Windows Store apps: Resources for other platform developers Windows Store apps Windows

The principles are detailed, but also a starting point from what you already know:

  • a “getting started”,
  • how to create your first App,
  • correspondence between main API and classes,
  • correspondence between main UI controls,
  • correspondence between classical tasks, ie how to use:
    • SQLite,
    • Touch events,
    • app settings,
    • application lifecycle,
    • Web Services,
    • data Acces,
    • graphics, animation and OpenGL ES,
    • using cloud storage,
    • and more.