Visual Studio 2017 tips

  • We can specify a ,nq in debugger display attribute to prevent VS to visualize quotes surrounding string value:

[DebuggerDisplay(“Name: {FullName,nq}”)]

  • We can use DebuggerDisplayAttribute as assembly attribute to decorates types from other assemblies:
[assembly: DebuggerDisplay("Host: {HostName}", Target = typeof(IPHostEntry))]

Great tips from 7 Hidden Gems in Visual Studio 2017 | The Visual Studio Blog


Visual Studio 2017 extension for .editorconfig file

VS2017 provides a minimal support for .editorconfig. This extension provides everything else: options in Tools>Options and modern editing (syntax coloring,  intellisense and code reformatting).

EditorConfig Language Service – Visual Studio Marketplace

VS 2017 support is provided by Roslyn wich add new Code Style Options.

A plugin can add .editorconfiug to older VS: editorconfig/editorconfig-visualstudio.