Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper

Easy to use wrapper arround Task Scheduler: Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper – Home (samples here). You can create, delete, modify, list tasks on local machine or remote one.

Tasks are made of:

a trigger:

  • BootTrigger,
  • IdleTrigger,
  • LogonTrigger (can include a specific user by name or SID),
  • RegistrationTrigger (auto trigger after self regsitration),
  • SessionStateChangeTrigger (“connecting or disconnecting locally or remotely, or locking or unlocking the session”)
  • and every time specific triggers.

an action:

  • ExecAction,
  • EmailAction,
  • ShowMessageAction,
  • ComHandlerAction (“It allows the task to execute and In-Proc COM server object that implements the ITaskHandler interface”).


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